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November 7, 2018

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Temple University Alum aims to make History 


By becoming the first African American sole creator to develop an educational children's animation series with hopes of landing on a major TV network or Video On Demand (VOD) platform


PHILADELPHIA, PA - November 7, 2018 - Temple University Alum aims to make history, by becoming the first African American male sole creator to develop an educational children’s animation series, which help children identify objects, learn fun facts and utilize basic math to land on a major TV network (Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids) or Video On Demand (VOD) platform (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) with The Adventures of Prada Enchilada. 


After 2 1/2 years of developing The Adventures of Prada Enchilada animation, and engaging with focus groups at schoolssummer campscommunity centers and libraries, creator and director Davon Clark is ready to embark on a bigger mission to make history through his company ADC Kid; By aiming to put the series on a major TV network or VOD platform. 



Actress Marion Toro says, “This mission is not only ground breaking, but important. Being an African American female in animation, there is a lack of representation of people that look like me behind the cameras voicing characters from TV shows to films. Through The Adventures of Prada Enchilada, this will give youth that look like me the opportunity to see themselves not only in front of the cameras, but behind them as well."


Clark then goes on to state, "This would be the first children's educational animation series revolving around basic math, identifying objects and learning fun facts developed from an African American in hopes to land on a major TV network or VOD platform. Currently, we see educational children's shows with people of color in them, like Doc Mc StuffinsDora the Explorer and more however those shows were not created by people of color, and more specific an African American. Most people believe Bill Cosby was the first, however his shows never touched on basic math and identifying objects, they were centered around morals - love, compassion, bully, and so on. So we aim to change that, and be the first."  


ADC Kid’s campaign launched Tuesday, October 9, 2018 on Seed & Spark’s crowd funding platform seeking to raise $25,000 within 45 days to develop (2) episodes of The Adventures of Prada Enchilada to pitch in their proposal to networks and VOD platforms, to date the campaign has raised $7,665 with an ending date of November 22, 2018. 

Clark’s ultimate goal is to get The Adventures of Prada Enchilada on a major TV network or VOD platform for daycares, pre-schoolers and kindergartners to watch all over the world. 


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Founded by local Children’s Author Davon Clark in 2015; ADC Kid is a children's multimedia company with an educational flare dedicated to the advancement of empowering and enlightening through interactive literacy, storytelling performances, expressive writing, animation and books. ADC Kid leads by offering educational services to schools, local/corporate businesses, summer camp programs, non-profit organizations and more throughout the NJ/PA/DE Tri-state area.


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