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Tackling Juvenile Justice Reform Through Incarcerated Youth Voices

ADC Kid and AHHAH aim to shed light to incarcerated youth voices through expressive writing



CAMDEN, NJ - Oct 18, 2016 - ADC Kid, which stands for (A Davon Clark Kid) and AHHAH (Arts Holding Hands and Hearts) aim to bring incarcerated youth voices to the forefront. "We want to break down the barriers and stereotypes, which exist between incarcerated youth and society. People tend to have a negative connotation on a person who has been incarcerated, not knowing or caring about their fears, pains, experiences and struggles.", said Davon. With the help of ADC Kid and AHHAH the youth at the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center, NJ and Chester County Youth Center, PA took up a 9 month expressive writing workshop developing short stories and poems to be featured in an anthology series called Justice Restored, A Series of Writings and Poems from Incarcerated Youth, which explore the themes of Life, Love, Streets, and Death through their authentic voices. Take a look at an excerpt from Justice Restored--


My Pain


My 5th birthday,

The sounds of gun shots.

Not knowing what had happened,

as blood hits the window and lands on my new clothing like a splat of paint....

Screamin’ from the top of my lungs

“Daddy, Daddy!”

but no answer.

I was 5 years old with no daddy,

but his permanently stained blood on my clothing to remind

me of him.

A year after my father’s death on my 6th birthday,

my uncle got shot.

I asked myself why me?

What was I doing wrong?

It seemed every time my birthday came along, another loved one was killed.

I was now 8 years old and still trying to get over both deaths and my mom on the side,

not with me when I needed her the most.

Turning 9 was the day I never saw my mom again.

It was early in the morning and we had slept the night at my aunts.

My mom told me she’d be right back.

I am 16 years old now and still haven’t heard from her....

- Imani


Justice Restored aims to shed light on the youths experiences/feelings within their living environment/surroundings. 


Every book purchased will allow ADC Kid to put a free book into a juvenile, trouble or high school youth hand (through donation). ADC Kid’s ultimate goal is to put a copy of Justice Restored in everyones hand worldwide, and open up the discussion around justice reform, especially in the juvenile sector. Justice Restored, A Series of Writings and Poems from Incarcerated Youth is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and direct distribution through ADC Kid website.  


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