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Conversation with

 Authors of Color


A (1) day event featuring 4 to 5 authors/illustrators of color. The school is filled with authors/illustrators in one particular location (library or a reasonable space/room). Students per grade levels K-5 (6-8 upon request) will then rotate in and out of the particular location from 9AM - 2PM. 

Each session consist of an open panel conversation and small group discussion about what it takes to be an self publish or independent author of color. Students will learn the ins and outs of creating a book, editing, publishing, and more. 

Authors of Color



A (1) day event featuring 4 to 5 authors/illustrators of color. We lay out the amount of classes your school has grades K-5 (6-8 upon request). Then we will assign the appropriate author for that particular grade/classroom. Each author will read their book and participate in a short talk or activity with that particular class. Authors will rotate into different classes throughout the day from 9AM - 2PM

Book Marketplace

Both events consist of a marketplace where authors and illustrators have books and drawings for sale. This takes place 10 minutes after the event finishes. We ask to use a library or reasonable space conducive to making the browsing process easier for students, staff and parents.

Combating diverse literature in classrooms one book at a time! 

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