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As an Author you sit down, write out your ideas, revise your work a million times. Then when it's time to get it out there, you hit a dead end. You submit your manuscripts to publishing companies, they reject you. You submit your manuscripts to agents and they decide to pass on it. Now you ask, "What am I supposed to do?" You decide to self publish. Then realize, that it might take a team behind you to get your work out to the mass market. This is where ADC Kid comes in. ADC Kid conducts numerous events throughout the year helping authors promote their books; Such events as - The Children's Book Festival, Conversation with Authors of Color Day, CCFA's "Read To Achieve" Book Festival and more. These events give the author an opportunity to promote, read and sell their books to a target audience. 


If you are interested in being apart of The Author Network click the button below and send us your info. Please indicate your Location, Book Title , Platforms for Sell, Book Demographics, and the Self-publishing company utilized. Please also provide a brief, memo biography.

We also invite Illustrators to be apart of this network!!

"Thanks so much for organizing this event. It was a great experience for all involved and I would like to make this an annual event if everyone is interested."


- Principal Phillip Deluca, Samuel L. Gompers, PA

"ADC Kid always provides us with a 5 star job!!"


- Gregory Elementary School, NJ

"Davon that was an outstanding event for the Gompers school community to be a part of. You were incredible and we thank you for all you’ve done and look forward to more opportunities like this for our students to witness and be a part of. We are battling so many outside influences that do not accentuate the positive going on in our communities. The more exposure the merrier! Thank you so much!! " 


- Lead Teacher Clyde Jones, Samuel L. Gompers, PA

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