Juvenile Youth Expressive Arts & Writing Program

ADC Kid teamed up with AHHAH founder Jan Michener to assist in executing expressive writing workshops in Camden, NJ and Chester, PA with incarcerated youth. Their stories have been placed into an Anthology book called Justice Restored; A Series of Writings and Poems from Incarcerated Youth. AHHAH recently won the National Juvenile Detention Center and Alternative Program of the Year Award. We are now out on the road visiting numerous detention centers conducting one day workshops around the book. If your detention center is interested email us here!

Justice Restored is an anthology of writings by 

incarcerated youth within the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center in NJ and Chester County Youth Center in PA. The youth explore the themes of Life, Love, Streets, and Death through personal short stories and poetry. Their authentic voices will leave you breathless as you read their life experiences, pains and struggles.



Death Loss Poem: Letter After a Time to [My Late Brother]


"Here's something I never told you while you were alive....That I looked up to you.  Always felt safe around you. Wanted to be just like you. You were like the father I never had. 


Many times, since you've been gone, I've thought about...If you were still here. Giving up in life. Doing whatever it took to be with you again. Losing my life in the same way you lost yours.


Here's what's new in my life...I'm like you a little. Just more conservative with my actions and emotions. Im back with my mom. I have three sisters. I was stabbed and shot at. I been arrested. I still try not to let my anger get to me and make it in life like you told me before you died.


When I dream sometimes I imagine....Us back together. how life would be if you were still here. If I would have to be so hard in the streets if I had my big brother here still.


It's amazing to look ahead in my life and think....I might be able to do what we both had dreamed of doing together.  Or the fact I try so hard in keeping my word I gave to you before you died in my arms."



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